The Creative Culture Podcast

Justin Dauer

Jason Ogle

Hosted by Justin Dauer and Jason Ogle, The Creative Culture Podcast is a dialogue with – and spotlight on – those who are beacons of human-centered creative culture.

Podcast Number 2

Veronica Fossa

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WE Factory designs food experiences / programs / conferences for organizations to boost community and augment creative culture. Veronica tells us about her unique business and its value to human-centered interactions. She is also the founder of Meal at Work, the co-author of Visual Feast, a TEDx speaker, and a food experience designer and strategist.


Podcast Number 1

Jaan Orvet

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For our first conversation, Justin spoke with Swedish designer Jaan Orvet. The work Jaan does is to build and coach design teams for agencies and product companies. The teams are centred on people, on humans. Both as creators and as receivers of the work created. Beyond that, Jaan’s thoughts on human-centered practices are oft-cited in Cultivating a Creative Culture.


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